The Angani PABX servers sit in reliable redundant data datacenters, with high-speed dedicated connections to telecom providers. Due to this reason, businesses do not need to invest in buying their own PABX equipment.

The business has a choice of using any device as their telephone - desktop phones, or even individual users laptops and smartphones, using a provided app. Each individual user can now receive or make calls via the office PABX as long as they have an Internet connection anywhere. Incoming calls into the company will be greeted with a recorded IVR message, and the business can customize their IVR system menu with their own options.

If calls are not answered, a voicemail message can be left, or the business also has an option to configure call-forwarding to a mobile number or group of numbers.


  • Virtual PABX Hosted in the Cloud

    No need to purchase any hardware

    Get a phone line for your business immediately

    Access your office landline from any device

    Save on installation and licensing costs

  • 30-line Voice IP Trunk

    Next-Generation Voice Services

    Voice Trunk with hunting number and individual extensions

    +254-20 landline phone numbers

  • IVR

    Customized welcome message

    Customized interactive menu for callers

    Record Info or Alert messages for customers

  • Voicemail

    Voice mailbox for each extension/user

    Generous quota per mailbox

  • Ring Multiple Extensions

    Incoming calls can ring on all extensions within a department/group

    Incoming calls can ring on multiple devices - desk phone, smartphone

  • Follow-Me Forwarding

    Unanswered calls can be automatically redirected to a group of Mobile phone numbers


All Plans Include

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    24/7 support

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    99.95% Uptime

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