Media companies today all face the same frustrations, be they small producers and studios, to large TV networks:

  • Expensive CAPEX spending to always purchase more storage and hard disks
  • High OPEX in licensing and IT resources. High OPEX in time
  • Loss of data due to lost or corrupted Hard Drives
  • Never able to find older versions or copies of your media
  • Shipping around hard drives to share content with broadcasters

Move to the Angani Media platform. Introduce your content to a whole new world of possibilities


  • Reliable

    2x Redundant Datacenters

    Up to 3x copies of your data is kept to ensure no data loss

  • Secure

    Each media owner’s data is completely private

    Encrypted file transfers

    Media owner can control download or streaming access to customers

  • Cost Effective

    Only pay for what you use

    Simple pricing model ranging from small to very large amounts of media

    No more CAPEX in buying expensive hard drives

  • Unlock your Content

    Access all your content from any point in time from anywhere

    Unlimited possibilities in delivering your content to Broadcasters, and on Digital Platforms eg web, mobile, VOD

  • Simplicity

    Uploading your Media is as easy as drag-and-drop

    Simple interface for Updating, Tagging, and Managing your Content

We customize this solution based on your unique enterprise needs. Please initiate an inquiry about this service, and we will be in touch!

All Plans Include

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    24/7 support

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    Data Redundancy

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