Welcome to the Cloud

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IT is a basic utility for every business and this is increasingly the case in Africa. However, most companies see their IT infrastructure costs today keep ballooning without a commensurate increase in value to the business.

This is the problem that Angani solves (especially in Africa). We buy infrastructure in bulk, and proceed to lease/rent it out to you at a reduced rate, thus taking away the expense and headache of having to buy and maintain your own IT infrastructure in-house. No more worrying about hardware procurement, power, cooling, upgrading, scheduled maintenance etc. We’ve got you covered.

Why Angani?

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You only pay for what you use. Our hourly billing model means you'll never be left out of pocket.

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A friendly self-service environment for quickly building and deploying applications. This provides you with a way to experiment much faster and more frequently.

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Our service supports thin provisioning of system resources. This means that computing resources are allocated as you need them. No more waste!

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We have fast direct connectivity to the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) leading to a fast seamless experience while accessing Angani from Kenyan ISPs

This is where Angani comes in

With the help of a hard working and talented team, we have setup infrastructure to handle your computing needs remotely.

Transfer your applications and data to Angani and save time and money. And avoid the frustration involved with IT. This leaves you to focus on your business.

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Get up and running in under 10 minutes!