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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery refers to the plans a business puts into place for responding to a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster, fire, act of terror, device failure, or cybercrime. Disaster Recovery involves the measures a business takes to respond to an event and return to safe, normal operation as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re just starting out or well on your way to the cloud, it’s likely that you may face cloud-first mandates for Digital Transformation initiatives. From moving production workloads to the cloud to leveraging an off-site cloud target for long-term retention or disaster preparedness — backup and recovery should be at the forefront of your cloud adoption strategy.

The Angani Team would work with you to architecture a bespoke DR solution to meet your business needs.

Disaster Recovery Offerings

Cold Backup

Angani provides a secure and seamless backup to the cloud and takes care of the management and monitoring for you. Your backup files are archived on our S3-compatible storage for your retrieval on a need basis. 

Warm Backup

In this solution, we don’t just provide a backup –we also accommodate your recovery needs. You can restore services to a Cloud server within minutes to minimize any disruption to your business or users. This is a fully managed service, where you can also run periodic tests to ensure your business’ recovery needs are met. 

High Availability (HA)

This solution is for businesses with mission critical applications that can’t afford any downtime at all. Angani will review your application and design a solution running across our 2 data centers to ensure 24 x 7 x 365 Uptime of your application. 

Value Proposition
automation min

Schedule your backups and DR plans to run daily, periodically, weekly, monthly or yearly without manual intervention. Your restore/retrieval jobs can also be scheduled as desired.

secure min

Strong local encryption protects your data from unauthorized access with up to 256-bit strong keys even before it is transmitted to the cloud. Your data is encrypted on the source side, in transit and on the server side.

affordable min

Angani backup and DR solutions are pocket friendly with monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual payment plans.

simple min

With one-click management procedures, our DR tools are user-friendly and easy to manage.

flexible min

Manage your backup schedule and DR environment from our intuitive web UI and the management console with Unified monitoring and reporting across on‑premises, cloud and remote agents.


Fast recovery time, enhanced system security and scalable for all enterprise environments.

reliable min

Confidence that your data is protected and always available with immediate recovery and production data access for VMs, Physical servers and Workstations.

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